I am more than happy to blog your items but please be aware of a few of the following :-
If you wish for me to blog you please IM on Facebook or send me a NC in world. Include item description, a photo and any important info you wish to include.
  • I may not feature everything please do not be offended but I have specific ideas for posts and sometimes things do get missed. I will en devour to include it all if appropriate.
  • I  have rl job that sometimes takes me away from work a day or two at a time, so if I miss a day or two don't freak out on meee! I am only human.
  • Please  state right away if there are time limitations on items ie an event weekly etc. I am not superwoman with telepathic capabilities.
  • I use this blog as a tool for photography/graphics skills so I may edit the master pic I will always include the best non edited to show items in true form. It is called being creative.

Thank you for supporting me and any questions do not hesitate to ask. I may have a resting bitch faces but I am very approachable.

Love Little Miss M

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