Monday, August 15, 2016

The Goddess series - Yeh pal naa tehrege kal ko.

I am doing a series of pictures every Monday for the next 6 weeks.

 First up is Durga, mother goddess. 

I research heavily on several subjects, as my hobby, on influences from other cultures, their deities, religious influences and god and goddess'. This one fascinates me. I work with several Indian gentleman who have teach me their culture on a daily basis. I myself am accommodating and accepting of their teachings as i feel it widens my already open heart to other beliefs cultures and how other people live their life.
I find the Indian culture amazing, their religious deities are incredibly interesting to learn and research about. I had the privilege to visit India at the beginning of this year and i can say it left its mark with me. I speak daily with people from there who continue to teach me and show me their culture in all its glory. They even said i had the traits, slight looks and essence of Sushmita Sen, this i found to be an honour (i mean she was Miss Universe). 
I would love to learn more about this wonderful place and would be eternally grateful for anyone providing me with more research material. 

So with that being said here is #1 in the deity series. Ladies and gents my sl interpretation of Durga.

Love Little Miss Monster

Zaara : [Mesh] Chandni lehenga *scarlet* (+maitreya)

#adored - yabai lips - shibui edition {omega} @mangafair
#adored - sugio makeup {omega} @mangafair
Moon. Hair  // - Bloggers! - Mim
{-MK+tomoto,-} Senju-26 
DAPPA - Harmonize Tattoo.
CATWA HEAD Annie Vampire
Maitreya- Lara
[PinkFuel] Sora <Alabaster>

.random.Matter. - Seyline Necklace - Gold
.random.Matter.  - Gojir Earrings - Onyx @chapter4
=Zenith=Breeze Painted Fungus & Flower - RARE
!TheLittleBat - Diana Ear & Nose Chain
!NFINITY Rose Medallion 
[MUSE] Evil Eye Bindi

 .::IDK::. Pack #50 - HUD

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