Thursday, August 18, 2016

All Monsters are human too - Part 1 : where it all began

It was over a year ago one of those spring evenings in March. One of those crisp evenings where a sweater and hoodie is a must. Her room was gently warmed and the sound of the heating system slowly rumbling in the background. Her room was medium in size. Baby blue splashed the walls with cream accents. She sat perched on her bed, the same spot you will find her most evenings. Typing away her fingers dancing across the keyboard, as she is deep in conversation with the only one that holds her attention.

He gained that attention by a simply IM on a specific day of remembrance she holds close to her. 
Like a sign from the person she counted as the only man that mattered in her life. She types more furiously as they talk for hours none stop.

Over time this develops, the relationship grows. They become closer and closer. He helps her open up, see the wrong in her life and make it all right. He protects her like a lion protecting its young. She sits on every word. Like who is this guy, how did he get here and holy shit where has he been for all this time.

A picture here, a video there, she suddenly realises ...... shes falling in love with this foreign guy inside the laptop. After she vowed never to let her heart open for a long time. He was the one that reignited that spark. 

Where is this going to go she wonders.....

Listening to ONE OK ROCK - the beginning 

Love Little Miss and Mr Monster

.Elysian. Neysa Tops @suicidedollz
Nightmare :: Mermaidish Pants

Nightmare :: : Wicked Blemish
.Facade. :: Soben Srok Khmer @ Men Only Monthly
[Runaway] Dorothy Hair
:Zombie.Suicide:  Andrea Eyes

Suicide Gurls  Corvus Obiit - Bracelet
OPERATE Eliot Collar - Blackleather Silver @suicidedollz

Nightmare ::Wicked Blemish
[Cosmic Dust]  - Hipster Glasses
floorplan. pinboard / space
floorplan. hope wire
floorplan.postcard collection / hipster
CHEZ MOI Curtain Moroccan Spring 
erratic / lsm - lorraine- bed RARE
[Cosmic Dust] - Headphones
[Cosmic Dust]  - The MaxBook Computer - Silver RARE

Drot -Ash-
DAPPA - Tus Manos Tattoo. @Bodyfy 

CODEX_NECKLACE SPELLWHIP NECKLACE @fetishfair2016 opens 19th
:Diamante: Disengaged Plugs Piercing 
[Bad Unicorn] X7 Bluetooth Earphones

Warm - Chesterfield Couch
TA Single Cue Rack
Apple Fall Buffalo Taxidermy
. aisling . NINO Coal (Say Hi!)
[ kunst ] - Makbook IV

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