Saturday, June 4, 2016

Dragon Queen

Listening to Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Dragon Queen

Love Little Miss Monster
RemarkableOblivion - The Quest - Armored Vest Breast - Moonknight  @thearcade june 16
{aii} + Sweetheart Succubus Drape Black +
{aii} + Moon Princess Shawl Black +
{aii} + Death Geta +
CD Samhain Panties Dusk/Silver

enVOGUE - Whitney Fitted
Nightmare ::Crucio Tongue :: Exclusive @gamigatcha
Nightmare :: Crucio :: Goo :: Dark @gamigatcha
.Facade. :: del Rey for WOH1

{TWS} - Mage Staff Blue @totallytopshelf 
{aii} + Black Ribbon Silver Magatama Necklace +
AZOURY - Attawa Mask [Black] RARE  @thearcade june 16
Le Morte - Deception Blindfold @thedarkstylefair

*katat0nik* (Mystic) Dragon
*katat0nik*  (Negative) Dragon RARE
*katat0nik*  (spooky) Cloud Dragon  @thearcade june 16

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