Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cold but I'm still here,

Wait another minute here, time will kill us after all
Now can you feel it's second hand
Wrapped around your neck?
So fall into my eyes and fall into my lies
But dont you forget the more you turn away
The more I want you to stay
Cold but I'm still here, blind cause I'm so blind
Say never we're far from comfortable this time......
........Cold, you broke me from the very first night
I'd love you til the day that I die
We're far too comfortable this time
Cold, I loved you from the very first night
You broke me til the day that I die
I'm far too obvious this time

Listening to Evans Blue - Cold 

Love Little Miss Monster

.HollyWeird. Lyra .Corset Dress. // Black
erratic / delice - lingerie / 

Suicide Gurls - Eydis Unisex Tattoo@thedarkstylefair
VileCult - Putrid EyeBags@thedarkstylefair
CATWA HEAD Annie Vampire
Maitreya- Lara

.ARISE. Mini Horns for @thedarkstylefair
!TheLittleBat- Diana Ear & Nose Chain
:Zombie.Suicide: Lee Nipple piercing  @kinkymonthly
-SuicidalUnborn!-  Lynexia Collar 
**RE**Keal Nose Chains

Purple poses - Jannyce @cosmopolitan

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