Friday, February 19, 2016

The prom queen Is crying, sitting outside of my door

I loved her fancy underwear
I'd sit behind her every year
Waiting for the chance to get
To tell her I'm the one she should be with, oh
She's popular with all the guys
So innocent in my eye
I could see her in my life
She would've had 
But see, she had other plans I couldn't understand
Her and her stupid friends, varsity's biggest fans
Never'll forget the day she laughed and walked away
And I couldn't stop her, I guess she had it all
She had it all figured out
But she left me with a broken heart
Fucked around and turned me down
'Cause she didn't think I could play the part
But now the prom queen, the prom queen
Is crying, sitting outside of my door
See, you never know how
How everything could turn around
Seize the opportunity, you see the best thing in your life maybe right in front of your face and you walk away. Regretting it now arent you. See i dont, as i seized it :3

Love Little Miss Monster

What Am i Wearing 
SuicideGurls - Kaia Lingerie @kinkymonthly
Glamistry  : DIANTHUS Heels


!Head Desk! Selene  @ontheboardwalk (last day today)
Clemmm nose bleed - @hentaifair
[The Forge] Cybrex Arms, Black @themendsdept

.:Lil Things:. Phone - Black w/Pink Hearts @ontheboardwalk(last day today)
~Insanity's Own~I Stab at Thee Valentine (Flesh) RARE@ontheboardwalk(last day today)
Nana - Bts Die Sash 
SuicideGurls Fire & Blood Warrior Queen - Crown UltraRare @fantasygatcha

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