Monday, February 15, 2016

Sometimes I only remember the days when I was young

Don't live with shame, 'cause feelings change but fame remains
The reason why your gonna wanna take me home tonight
It's all the same up in this game, the people change
And money claims everyone from everything
I can't believe that you would think that shit of me
I was amazed at the torment that you put me through
If you can see right through the greed and all your needs
You realize that you were just about as bad as me

Sometimes I only remember the days when I was young
Nowadays no one remembers when they were young and stupid
(The way you like it)
Come on baby help me, someone to confide in
(I'll get inside you)
Now you're beggin' me to stay
(I'll get inside you)

Love Little Miss Monster
What Am I Wearing
Momento. Buckle Ankle Boots Light grey @kutom9
erratic / eunice - bikini / black (maitreya) @collabor88-feb16
!TheLittleBat - Bianca Latex Outfit @kinkymonthly

*May's Soul* The empire. Bionic arm silver @fantasygatcha
League7. Scarlet Hair Pastels @totallytopshelf
DAPPA - Purge Tattoo. @genneurtral
[Black Bantam] Female Pitbull Puppy - Blonde
:Zombie.Suicide: Octo Septum Piercing @flowerpower
!TheLittleBat - Grim Love Necklace Gacha

'Monger: Bean the Bear-Plush-Floor// @thegatchagarden
*QweenB* <3 - </3 - White XOXO @totallytopshelf
*QweenB* <3 - </3 - Pink Love You @totallytopshelf
lassitude & ennui Flutterpaws white cat @thegatchagarden
[ abrasive ] Fatty Catty Plush - Russian Blue @thegatchagarden
[HD]Animal Cube Stool -DUCK -@thegatchagarden
floorplan. hope wire
!! Follow US !! Student desk - white wood
floorplan.postcard collection / hipster
[Cosmic Dust] - The iMax Computer RARE @kawaiiproject
mangomoon Ophelia ALL Dress @thealchemy
{what next} Paperdoll Mannequin
[Cosmic Dust] - Bulletin Board RARE @kawaiiproject
the pose shop. XO frames // wall art @thriftshop
the pose shop. jude's garden // wall art @thriftshop
the pose shop. wonderwall // wall art @thriftshop
floorplan. sparkle wall frame
Dahllywood Broken Hearted Mirror - Cherry @totallytopshelf
[Cosmic Dust] - Coffee  - Cup O' Joe @kawaiiproject
JIAN Posh Pups :: White @gatchagarden
[Cosmic Dust] - Newspaper @kawaiiproject

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