Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bullet in ya head, bullet in ya head

Ya standin' in line believin' the lies
Ya bowin' down to the flag, ya got a bullet in ya head
Am I standin' in line? Am I believin' the lies?
I'm bowin' down to the flag, I got a bullet in my head
Bullet in ya head, bullet in ya head
Love Little Miss Monster
What Am I Wearing
Indecent Exposure - Andi Tank Tops -@thriftshop

[Neurolab Inc.] EV3 Cybernetic Arms+Hands V.1.8
7Prodigy  Evil Inside
DarkPassions - Koffin Nails - FatPack - Love Scorned @thriftshop

!TheLittleBat - Grim Love Necklace Gacha @ontheboardwalk
KK  - Split Love Ring Love Sucks@ontheboardwalk
the pose shop.  faux diamond ring  @thriftshop
Soy. Poket Automatic Gun @collabor88-feb16
Dahllywood Heartache Ring (Black) RARE @totallytopshelf

[MO] Target Your Ex @ontheboardwalk

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