Thursday, February 25, 2016

All the windows are playing their game

All the windows are playing their game
Where I won't see outside again
Til I write all the fog away
I'm putting words in their place
Between me and the window's pane
From my inarticulate brain
But all of the fog is erased
When I write all the words that I never said
To you

Love Little Miss Monster
What Am I Wearing
SuicideGurls  - Fjord Dress
Babydoll - Bella Strap Heels

enVOGUE - Kimberly - Diversity 
Nightmare :: Witch's Warning Scars

[Cosmic Dust]- Large Faced Sunray Watches
DirtyLand:: Chain Face Strap
**RealEvilIndustries**  Keal Nose Chains
 .Charm. Moontear

NOMAD // Cat Anatomy Model
[ kunst ] - Tequila bottles (silver)
MadPea Be Mine Cupcakes
.t13. Love Decor - Lust RARE
MadPea  Be Mine Box of White Chocolate

RK Poses.Neva

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