Thursday, January 28, 2016

In my own peculiar way I feel mercurial

In my own peculiar way I feel mercurial
Before I get ahead of myself again
I know the where but I still don't know the when
You wanna live in a one sided world
Be prepared for a whole world of hurt
Now with the grand facade
I don't want to be an angel
I just want to be God
They called us a dead generation,
They told us that we wouldn't survive
They left us alone in the maelstrom
As you can see we're all plenty alive
We know where you are and were coming
Lets see you say that shit to our face
Love Little Miss Monster 
What am i wearing
Skirt - Hollyweird BellaDonna .Skirt. @suicidedollz
-SuicidalUnborn!- Roll Neck Sweatshirt
Hollyweird Luna .Goth Gloves. @kinkymonthly
Heels - AZOURY - Chromatics - Ballet Heels
Hair - Moon. Hair // - B&W - Requiem
HeadBow- DirtyLand::Minnie's HeadBow
:Zombie.Suicide:TimeKiller Mask

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