Sunday, December 6, 2015

Would you ride for me or nah

I'm giving you the signs for you to come
And the way I poke it out make you go dumb
Ain't nobody tryna play ya
Baby I am into
All the things you envision in your head I am with ya
Lookin so good, had to take a pic for later
Fill me up another cup and be on worst behaviour
I don't care bout consequence
And I don't care what bitches think
I'm tryna do me as I please
You tryna do me as I drink

Thank you for helping on this post my love :3 <3 so question ... Do you like the way I shake my ass or nah?

Featuring events 

and more <3

What Am i Wearing
Boots -  DAPPA - Stomper Boots - Union Jack
Bra - Nana - Julia Black Top @blackcraft
Gloves - {POSH PIXELS} Nailed It Leather Gloves @thealchemy 

Head - CATWA HEAD Annie Vampire
Body Maitreya- Lara
Tattoo - DAPPA - True Brit Tattoo

Mask - [MODA] T-3000 CYBORG MASK
Garter - Apple May Designs - Witch Craft Garter
Necklace - !TheLittleBat - Batty Jewel Necklace
Joint - Zaara [Goa party] : Weed Joint

SomethingErrotic~ Pillow Talk

What he is wearing
Hair - Action Paul Veganic HAIR 
Mask - Le Morte - FallOut Mask - Black @we<3rp
Necklace - ^^Swallow^^ Rosary (Male)
Joint - [NikotiN] Classic Joint - Nextgen 
Tattoo - DAPPA - True Brit 

Apt B // Pallet Bed 

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