Monday, November 9, 2015

True friends

Things work out
Such a bitter irony
Like a kick right to the teeth
It fell apart
Right from the start
But I couldn't even see
The forest for the trees
(I'm afraid you asked for this)
You got a lot of nerve
But not a lot of spine
You made our bed
When you worried about mine
This ends now


Ever wondered why even the closest seem to drift once they are "done" with what you offer them. To people who claim to be "friends" be aware of their intentions. Some aren't as rosy as you think. 
Keep those circles small and keep your eyes open. "loved ones" "friends" "partners" they all the same. Once you realise you will see what i mean.

Love Little Miss Monster aka Vix aka Thug Bunneh xox

What am i wearing you ask ?
Jeans - !NFINITY Skinny Jeans - Old Black
Heels - .HollyWeird. Elvira .Heels. @THE ALCHEMY
Bra - ...Mutresse...Dupla Bustier Bra

Hair - Moon. Hair. // Negative
Body Maitreya- Lara
Head - Catwa - Annie vampire 
Ears - [MANDALA]Stretched EARS-OMIMI
Skin - [ Infliction ] Krys Catwa Pack - Dew
Nails - {Scene} Mani Panic
Lips - Manik Queen Autmn shimmer @DIRTY TURKEY HUNT
Tattoo: Suicide Gurls – grel Tattoo-Black Faded (@ FGC)

Cuff- .HollyWeird. - Malik Cuff @DIRTY TURKEY HUNT
Hat - .random.Matter - Snapback Freak
Collar - [ Infliction ] Tagged Collar
Nose Chain - DAZED. - Dyami Nose Chain Onyx
Rings.- :Zombie.Suicide: Cameo ring - left - Bluex
.HollyWeird. Savage .Rings. //  RARE 2
Knife - CALIGULA™ combat knife
Spray cans - [flitink] RUSTY spray paint splatter pack

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