Friday, November 13, 2015

I'm drowning in solitude again

I thank God for my mother's love
Through years of broken innocence
She carried me through the light
In my dreams last night I saw your face
You held me and washed away my tears
Then I woke to realize you're gone
I'm drowning in solitude again
When you realize that fate is gone
Just look at me and say goodbye
So tell me how you fell
So tell me how
As these years and time go racing by
I'm drowning in solitude again
No, this won't kill me


A lot of underneath never told things resonate from this song. Without her i wouldn't be here don't ever stop loving disrespect or disregard the person who brought you into this world <3

Love Little Miss Monster <3

What am i wearing you ask ?
Skeleton + Leg - Suicide Gurls  - Grim Skeleton @suicidedollz

Hair -little bones Scope - group gift
Body Maitreya- Lara
Ears - [MANDALA]Stretched EARS-OMIMI
Nails -  {Scene} Mani Panic - Vicious Claw @thriftshop
Tattoo - Suicide Gurls - Gzreal Tatto @fantasygatcha
Skin - Suicide Gurls  - Yolandi Skin

Piercing - *Cobrahive* XecuTe Piercing
!TheLittleBat - Riley Piercing/
Tail - !TheLittleBat - Creepy Cauldron Tail/Hearts @Carver's End Hunt Gifts
Wings - RemarkableOblivion - Azrael Bone Wings @we<3RP
Head implant :Zombie.Suicide:pentagram head implant @suicidedollz

 {anc}Hatsuyume /  wind parasol (short) white 2Li
 {anc}forest lantern.

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