Sunday, October 18, 2015

i can't help it, no...i can't speak

i can't help it, no...i can't speak 
my skins crawling in my sleep 
my heads screaming, i can't stop 
i just can't wait to get under your skin 
i'm not sure what this could be 
something's broke inside of me 
tucked down away and out of sight 
the afterhours bring it to life 
(Aesthetic Perfection - under your skin)
Love Thug Bunneh

Outfit -  *katat0nik*  (black) Spoopy Nurse 
Lingerie - BigBeautifulDoll - DEADLY SIN Lingerie Black
Heels - .HollyWeird. Cleo .Heels. Pastels @PastelGothFair2015

Hair -Moon. Hair. // Devour
Body - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Head - Genesis_Head_Amber_2.0_MILK 
Blood - antielle. Cropsick / Bloody Mess
Piercing - :HV: Apostate 
Nails - Suicide Gurls Slaughter Bloody Nails 

Necklace - .HollyWeird. Mara .Necklace. // PHATPACK @PastelGothFair2015
Headband - !TheLittleBat - Grimrose Headband/Black @thefreakshow
HeadChain - Suicide Gurls - Etna HeadChain - Heart @suicidedollz

*katat0nik* (red/PAIN/LT/materials) Syringe
[ContraptioN] Props: Wrapped Corpse *clay 1 @thefreakshow
{TSG} Sacrifical Dagger - Common @thefreakshow
{TSG} Sacrificial Alter w/pose - Rare @thefreakshow
{TSG} Pentagram Candle Common @thefreakshow
{TSG} Blood Chalice - Common (blood added by me)@thefreakshow
{TSG} Goblet - Common @thefreakshow
@~VooDoo Rose~@ Ritulistic Rotating Pentagram: In Red

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