Monday, September 7, 2015

Hey little monster, I got my eye on you..... Where are you going, where you running to?

Hey little monster, I got my eye on you
Where are you going, where you running to?
Hey little monster, you know it's all okay
I'm gonna love ya, no matter what you say

I've got love on my fingers
Lust on my tongue
You say you got nothing,
So come out and get some
Heartache to heartache,
I'm your wolf, I'm your man
I say run little monster,
Before you know who I am

Hey little creature,
Tell me what's on your mind,
Where've you been hiding?
And can I come this time?
So pleased to please ya
And rip that heart off your sleeve,
What we discover.....
(Royal Blood - Little Monster)


A huge big squishy massive thank you to my Mr.Monster click his name < to check out his details and his blog <3 ik hou van jou

Love Princess Thug Bunneh

What Am I wearing
Boots - MANIK QUEEN -  Stephanie Booties 
Dress - [Canday shop] Keelee Tank Dress - Noir @saturdaysale
Cardigan - !TheLittleBat - burton outfit

Body - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Hair -[RA] Kerli Hair - Essential
Brows .:Vein:. Bitchy Brows
Eyes -  {Dead.Apples} Striking Eyes - Ice
Make up -  {Dead.Apples} Glam Goth Make-up
Nosebleed- .{VileCult}. Scarlett Nosebleed
Tattoo ~  { Speakeasy } Divinity Tattoo

Bracelets -[AdN] DARK PRINCESS
.::Supernatural::. Oz Bracelet
Piercing - :Hebenon Vial:  Septumee 
 Collar  - ~Proclivity~ Trinity Collar
Headband - .Charm.  Priss 

DRD horror mansion @thearcade

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