Friday, August 21, 2015

I'll stop the whole world from turning into a monster

Well you find your strength in solutions
But I like the tension
And not always knowing the answers
But You're gonna lose it,
You're gonna lose it

I'll stop the whole world, I'll stop the whole world
From turning into a monster eating us alive
Don't you ever wonder how we survive?
Well now that you're gone, the world... is ours.
(Paramore - Monster) 

Love Little Miss Thugs bunny xoxo

What Am I wearing
Outfit - .::Supernatural::. Angel Bodysuit Black @thriftshop

Body - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Nails -..:Energie::.. Long Point
Skin - [PinkFuel] Sora <Alabaster> - Special Edition
Hair - little bones. Feline - GIFT
Tatoo - :::Precious::: Tattoo  #S04-04
Eyes - [ MUDSKIN ]Your Eyes#11

Cleavage piercing - !NFINITY Heart Cleavage Piercing
Collarbone piercing -  !NFINITY  LARA Collarbone Piercing
Eye Piercing -  !NFINITY  eye piercings
Nose piercing -  !NFINITY  KAIROS Septum Piercing BLACK
Bow-  [KRAVE] Studded Gothlita Bow Black Rare @ontheboardwalk
Earcuff - Black Haus - Blackness Earcuff
Earcuff - Black Haus - Earcuff Wingness Silver - RARE
Choker - Nerdology {N} Spiderling Choker: Ruby@ontheboardwalk
 Crown {FD} Peacock Crown Bloody

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