Sunday, July 12, 2015


Baby you know I"m guilty
While you're my Clyde I'll be your Bonnie
I could pretend I'll be good again
But lovin' you's the judge I'll never be
'cause baby you know I'm guilty

Baby you know I'm guilty
So lock me up and throw away the key
I don't need no bail if you're the jail
Love Princess Consuela Banana Hammock Cuntcake Baby Thug Po3t xox

Face Tattoo - Corvus : Beaten Up Face Tattoo
Cross piercing - :ZOMBIE.SUICIDE: Upside down cross piercing
Hair - *Soonsiki! Raindance  *Browns*
Eyes - -SU!- Bastet Eyes
REPULSE - Lacerated v4 Eyes (Dark Sclera)
Nosebleed - .{VileCult}. Scarlett Nosebleed
Strait jacket - [ContraptioN] Gainsley Straitjacket *gunmetal @romp
Nose Chain - DAZED. - Dyami Nose Chain Onyx
Face straps - ::TI:: Grunge Face straps - Black Silver
Harness - OAKEN - Imogen Harness : @romp
Septum - {Scene) Mr Septum - @ohmygatcha

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