Thursday, July 30, 2015

Even when I'm far You know I'm always there with you :3

You know that you're the reason
In everything I do
It's all for you
You know that you're my reason in life
It's all for you

When you have someone in your life, that becomes the very essence of all that you are. You highly regard them as your savior and your everything, what you do is all for them. I will say you are lucky, appreciate them. Keep this person close for all you know they could become your love. Mine did. Express each day your gratitude for them being in your life. Even if it's a "you are handsome/beautiful". Positive communication.

Have a good day and remember open your eyes what you are looking for maybe right in front of your face.

Thank you hubster M.M for being in this post with me (his blog) go check it out.

Love Princess Thug Po3t
What Am I wearing
Dress - drbc-boogie-woogie-bettie

Body - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Eyes - -SU!- Bastet Eyes
Nails -..:Energie::.. Long Point
Skin - [PinkFuel] Sora <Alabaster> - Special Edition
Hair -+Spellbound+ Jezebel // Reds
Mouth - [ContraptioN] Needle Jaw  BOXED

Gun : M4A1/M203 986
(on leg)  Brutal weapons
Face straps - ::TI:: Grunge Face straps - Black Silver
Eye Piercing- !NFINITY

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