Thursday, January 1, 2015

Twisted Cat & Mouse game always starts the same....

I'm-a make you beg for it, plead for it
Till you feel like you breathe for it
Till you do any and everything for it
I want you to fiend for it
Wake up and dream for it
Till it's got you gasping for air
And you lean for it
(Subliminal Message. lol)  Luv Lana
What I am Wearing:  
Hair-  little bones. Diamonds - Landslide @UBER
EyeShadow-  .ARISE. Cat/Blk
EyeBrows-  .tsg. Alena Brow
Eyes-  {Dead Apples} Striking- Clarity
Nose Chain-  -RYCA-  Nose Chain ECFF Platinum
Earrings-  -RYCA-  Earring CER Platinum
Lip Dermal-  -RYCA-  Lip-piercing Diamond/ Platinum
Necklace/Bracelets-  [MANDALA]Chunkeey_Jewelry_Set_Silver- UNISEX 
Tattoo-  .Reckless. - Stipe @Frost
Top-  Foxes - Peplum Top - Leather @UBER
Watch-  [MANDALA]KOTOWARI-Watch set_UNISEX (fatpack) @TheMensDepartment
Rings-  -FAUN- Midi Set -Silver-
Leggings-  .:cheeky:. sexy Leggings!

What He is Wearing:
Hat- New R cap - ny chapka
Jacket- .:Vein:.Revolution shirt / vest / tie
Pants- [IC] mesh suspender 
Shoes- Flite  StrappedVulcan
Ears- Aitui
Skin- Fruk Bennet skin
Beard-. World of Men - Beard. W
Tattoo- Swagged out - primal fear

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