Saturday, January 24, 2015

CKC- It is time to party \o/

What Am I Wearing 
Hair - Clawtooth boardwalk breeze
Jacket - Foxes aviator jacket
Top - Mute. Absolution Bikini(only skirt worn)
Pants -  Legal insanity - skinny sweats sid
Shoes - Flite originals government
Tattoos -  Between boobs {Datum}mandi | upper chest .HW. golgatha
Nose ring - Dazed dyami
Fishenet gloves - .: TAOX :. Applier // Fishnet Gloves 8 colors for SLiNK

QUESTION!!! --- What do you get if you mix some of second life' club scene elite and most talented people?
 Well you get ............

So this dynamic group decided it was time to tour the grid. Why be tied to one place to party when they could hit multiple places.

Kicking off TONIGHT @Woods reopening bash (happy reopening woods party starts 10am!! ) as their first stop on a world wind tour CKC is bringing the partayyy to you!

Tonights CKC official sponsors are - (drum roll) 

Alchoholik, \o/
Woods, \o/
Lyric Poses, \o/
 TGG, \o/
our fine selves here at ThugPo3try \o/

So hit up the following media outlets Facebook|Website| .... and lets fucking chugskis!

See you there ;)


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