Friday, December 12, 2014

No love.

Throw dirt on me and grow a wildflower
But it's "fuck the world", get a child out her
Yeah, my life a bitch, but you know nothing about her
Been to hell and back, I can show you vouchers
I'm rolling Sweets, I'm smoking sour
Married to the game but she broke her vows
That's why my bars are full of broken bottles
And my night stands are full of open Bibles, uh.
I think about more than I forget
But I don't go around fire expecting not to sweat
And these n*g**s know I lay them down, make them beg
Bitches try to kick me while I'm down: I'll break your leg
Money outweighing problems on a triple beam
I'm sticking to the script, you n*g**s skipping scenes, uh.
Be good or be good at it
Fucking right I've got my gun, semi-Cartermatic
Yeah, put a dick in their mouth, so I guess it's "fuck what they say"
I'm high as a bitch: up, up and away
Man, I'll come down in a couple of days
OK, you want me up in a cage, then I'll come out in beast mode
I got this world stuck in the safe, combination is the G-code
It's Weezy motherfucker, blood gang and I'm in bleed mode
All about my dough but I don't even check the peep-hole
So you can keep knocking but won't knock me down
No love lost, no love found

Sums it up in a verse! 
Love Baby Thug Po3t xox

What Am I Wearing
Hat - {Poptart} Snap!back
Hair - .O A S I S. Long hair sara (Room69)
Shirt - .:Vein:. Uptown top
Pants - {Eden.} Sweatpants (Room69)
Shoes - Flite Gianni hitops (Uber)
Necklace - [Mandala] Kabuki necklace gold
Belly Chain - Pomposity - Gothic belly chain gold
Gloves - Flite - GQ - Black Gloves rare (TMD)
Watch - Flite- GQ- Gold face watch (TMD)
Bracelet - Flite- GQ- Gold skull brand (TMD)

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