Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Thank you Mr Alex Xue for posing.....this mr has mad style.

What is He Wearing
Face piercing .Pekka. Anti-Hazard Unisex Piercing [BLACK]
Hair [IC] (Facial Hair) Full Heavy Beard .::Sinner::. Black
Brows : Unorthodox Thick Eyebrows double cuts
Hat  :GAUGED: Fedora - Monochromes
Suit ::GB::Rollup casual suit  BLACK
Cigratte  [NikotiN] Cigarette_Classic_V4
Piercings :GAUGED:Human Stretched Ears [Stars]
Eyes  IKON Promise Eyes - Ice
Glasses  K_gs Aquila - Kumaki - Sunglasses - Glasses - Goggles
Rings  (NS) Emery Ring
Watch  [MANDALA]SITENNOAH_watch&bracelet_black
Shoes  FLite.-Clearports Black Viper
Skin   FRUK Lennon skin The Chin Patches Tone 3
Tattoos  .Delusions Fear God Eyebrow, :Little Pricks:Tangled Web We Weave,Sleepy Boozer Summer Nights

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