Monday, July 8, 2013

My Own Worst Enemy

Please tell me whyyyyyyyyyyyy
My car is in the front yard and im
Sleeping with my clothes on.
I came in thru the window last night

Guess whos back

Keep It Real
Baby Thug Po3t

What Is On Me
Hat - Nacon Fury Bear Scarf [Polar]
Bow - RO - Brair Bow Headband - Plain
Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh (candies)
Bra - ... Mutresse...Bustier Bra
Tattoo - Xtrem style "Hibu" (comes with appliers for tangos purchase seperate)
           - [Reckless] killing time
           - Your Cocain : Anchor
Make up - Pink Acid - Much eye make up pack - Pink
                 Pink Acid - Plumpy Lip Stain - Nude
Jewelry - Nails [mandala]Milky Way ring & nails
            - Piercing :Hebenon Vial: Beast

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