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Monday, June 17, 2013

Pumped Up Kicks

I had a week off and what a way to come back then to throw out the love for Pink Acid <3

Stay Safe
Baby Thug Po3t

What am I wearing
Hair - Wasabi pills - Lory Mesh hair
Shirt - Pink Acid Long Sleeve Half Top - Crackled - Pink Champagne
Skirt - WWI TUTU Fatpack Boxed
Shoes - Pink Acid Mesh Pumped Up Kicks - Candy Coated - Stuff in stock
Make Up - Pink Acid Razor Blush
                  Pink Acid Collagen + Candy Glass Lips - pink - Stuff in stock
                  Pink Acid Alpha Top Eyelashes

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fear and Loathing

He who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man. - Samuel Johnson
Neddy looking fly as always and i had to make it very Fear and Loathing stylee.... on to the links >>>

Keep Safe
Baby Thug Po3t

What He Is Wearing
Hat - Flow Bucket Hat
Sunglasses - Redgrave Zenith
Watch - Miel BFF Ticker Bright
Tank - Flow Pocket Tank Top Waves
Ears - Mandala Stretched Omni
Tats - Aitui Notes & Fire Arms Black

Cupids Chokehold

So my little banana herself has throwing out some UMAZING cute little sexy summer dresses. Unreal as always. Sexy low cute yet cute. Miss Tartcake herself has excelled as always <33333

Stay Safe
Baby Thug Po3t

What Am I Wearing
Hair - Analog dog - .b - honey - light browns
Dress - TartCake- Summer Nights Dress Birdie
Make up - Pink Acid Razor Blush + Mole + Eyelashes
                 Pink Acid Kawaii Cupcake Lip Gloss & Teeth - Nude
Earing - [ glow ] studio - White Heart earrings
Necklace - (Dahlinks) Diamonds & Pearls

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Baby thug has dragged Thug Po3t into showing off the latest creations from Pink Acid

Male Scar, Sexy eyeliner, sexy dress and kissable lips :O

Nuff said........

Keep it Real
Baby Thug Po3t

On Thug

Hair- Unorthodox- Double Braided pony tail
Tattoo- ..:F&Gz:.. M.O.E Tattoo
Pants- BLK 2.0 - M Shorty HustlaPants
Boots- [Z3] Ranger Boots "Cookie"
Necklace- **JOMO** Cow skull necklace

On Baby thug

Dress : Pink Acid Summer skin leopard dresses
Hair: Lamb - these days ombre roots
Make Up : Pink Acid Witches lipgloss
                 Pink Acid eyelashes and metallic eyeliner
Gun : Brutal Weapons - desert eagles
Collar : Cobrahive Sureibu collars

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ninja Barbie

Throwing out my ninja stars of appriciation to Miss Stasey. Holy bejeebus woman <33333 her skills! Umazing little clothes coming our of her collection and as always some umazinggg make up.

Mucho Appriciation again to the one and only PINK ACID!!!

Barbie Bubble Pops
Baby Thug Po3t

What Am I Wearing
Hair : [LeLutka] Bouffant - Marylin
Make up - Pink Acid Black Swan
Mask - *Epic* Archangel Suit Neck Corset
Shirt - Pink Acid Razor Back Halftop
Necklace - RYCA - Barbie Platinum
Leggings - Pink Acid Colorful Zebra Leggings
Bet  Shi Leather Suspenders
Katanas - TRC Dual Katana "Black Rose"
Feet - N core "feet"
Pose- {Lyric Photography and poses} Katie Stand A

So i found a Barbie dubstep version to say im loving it for some bizzare reason O_O

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hate me now

Its been a long time, been a long time comin'. It's life or death for me now. But you know, there's no turning back now. This is what makes me; this is what i am.

Stay Safe
Baby Thug Po3t

What Is Worn
Hat : .SS. [mesh] Pacers Strapback
Facial Hair : World of Men - Beard W
Hair : REDGRAVE - Chris
Shirt :[IC] MESH Rolled Sleevers t-shirt .::HEART::. 
Pants : [IC] MESH Low Rise Skinny Pants .:: Darkcross::.
Sneeks : [IC] MESH Price Sneekers
Tattoo : [Sleepy Bozer] - Eye of Neuse

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Everybody's Fool

Perfect by nature, icons of self - indulgence. Just what we all need, more lies about a world that....
Never was and never will be have you no shame? dont you see me? you know you've got everybody fooled.
Look here she comes now, bow down and stare in wonder. Oh how we love you no flaws when you're pretending. But now i know she never was and never will be you dont know how you've betrayed me and somehow you've got everybody fooled.
Without the mask where will you hide? cant find yourself lost in your lie. I know the truth now i know who you are

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lyric poses makes me stand all hot and sexy. Dry humps <3
Hollipocket makes my boobies look hawt - Huggs <3
Pink Acid makes my lips look kissable - Muahhh <3
Suicude Unborn makes my ass look like cotton candy - Noms <3
Raw House makes my hair looks all pretty and princess like. Plays with it <3

Jealous? you should be............

The Mother F***ing Princess Yo
Baby Thug Poet

What am i wearing
Pose - Lyric Photography & Poses -
Hair - Raw House - Ninja
Shirt - Hollipocket - Tookie Looking Lacey Black
Tutu - SU! - Tutu skirt Pink
Lips - Pink Acid Cupcake Glaze Gloss & Teeth
Bat - Cobrahive - Beater Bat
Headband - ::DL:: - Kittie Headband in blue
Tattoo - Blackfeet - Freedom

Raise your Weapon

With what goes on in the world at the minute i'm pretty glad to throw this out to all the servicemen and women fighting for your countries. You do us proud. And a special post for the innocent solider felled in England .RIP.... when you see them say a thank you, if not for them you'd not have the life you have now.

What Am I Wearing

Outfit - ::[Nerd Monkey]:: - [Military Outfit] Limited Bazar - HURRY
Hair - Unique Design - Nicki
Lips - Pink Acid Pom Pom Lip Shine - Coal
Hat - [sisu] m44 Black crusher cap

The Po3ts

Vix Miggins
Owner/main blogger
Hellisium Resident
Co - Owner / co blogger


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