Monday, May 27, 2013

Adrenalize Me

Come a little bit closer. Before we begin. Lemme tell you how i want it, and exactly what i need.
I'm here for one drug, i'm only here for one thing.
So come on and tell me, can you fly like your free?
Cause i need to feel, Yeah, i need to say.....
I must confess, I'm adicted to this. Shove your kiss straight through my chest. 
I cant deny i'd die without this.
Make me feel like a god. Music, love and sex.
Adrenalize me.
I crave excess, turning wine into sweat, dripping down my neck. I cant deny, I'd die without this. 
Make me feel like a god. Music love and sex.
Adrenalize me.

*wink wink* Stay Safe
Baby Thug Po3t

Look 1
Helmet : Dead Army Faction - German Steel Helmet
Eye shadow : Corvus deep black eye shadow
Lipstick : Pink Acid Mermaid fly lipstick in
Hair : Action Harriet Ombres
Cig : Catnip pink ciggy
Dress : [R3] tyra
            *MUKA* - admiral
Stockings : =Razorblade jacket= Roller Derby thigh highs in black
Shoes : Chainless 1nnovation fashion D boots
Nails : Mstyle perfect long nails - pastal colors

Look 2
Outfit : *MUKA* Admiral Red
Nails : Mstyle Perfect Long Nails - Pastal Colors
Make Up : Corvus : Deep Black Eyeshadow
                  Pink Acid Juicy Fruit Lips
Shoulder Drape : [glow] studio - wild shoulder drape (brown fawn/gold)

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