Monday, November 26, 2012

Svetlana Fate

So all of you out there that are checking out this post- Let me introduce you our newest Poet Svetlana Fate- She has mad Style  and I'm sure you are gonna love what you see.. Stay Posted for hers to come--  Glad to have you with us--

Keep it Real-
Thug Poet and Baby Poet 

Post- Svetlana Fate
Photos- Svetlana Fate 

On Svetlana-

Hair~ RAW HOUSE :: Raquella 
Piercings~ (face) [ni.Ju] Mera/Mero  
Lip~  [ni.Ju] Chain Chomp... 
Chest~  .HoD- Bulletproof
Dress~ Gawk! Black Glitter Mini 
Gloves~ [GLUE INK]  
Rings~ [EY:NO] Crucifix Rings 
Rings 2 ~ [EY:NO] Filigran Rings 


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