Friday, August 24, 2012

Kauna* Mesh Black Suit

-Kauna- Has got the mad mesh in formal wear- Best I have seen ... Nice Mesh Shoes to throw with it- Time to check it out.. Once in awhile it's not a bad thing to clean  up .. 

Keep It Real-
Thug Po3t

Photo- Vix McMahn ( Vix Miggins )

On Thug-

Jacket- Kauna - 2pc Suit: Jacket Black /w Black Buttons
Shirt- Kauna - 2pc Suit: Shirt White
Pants- Kauna - 2pc Suit: Trousers Black /w Colour Belt
Tie- Kauna - 2pc Suit: Tie Turquoise - Comes in a Variety of Colors!


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