Tuesday, July 31, 2012


*:: Cestar ::* *:: NerdMonkey ::* *:: ToucanStore ::*  was a new store for me-  have not been over there? Should check it out - Pants and Jacket are From there and Mesh- So we know I liked that idea- Yo- Check it Out.  Also Mandala has got some great New Mesh Items.. 

Keep it Real-
Thug Po3t- 

Photo- Vix McMahn ( Vix Miggins ) 

On Thug-

Jacket- // SobreTudo \\  G - Black- Mesh!!
Shirt- // SobreTudo\\ \ GOLA V / White shirt
Pants- :.::SBPants BLACK::. Mesh!!
Shoes- TonkTastic - Short Combat Boots
Gloves- TonkTastic - Fingerless Gloves
Belt- [MANDALA] Kookai belt  New!! Mesh!!
Hair- Kutz- Braided high ponytail
Hair Base- Kutz- Braided high ponytail
Rings- MANDALA mens SINRA Rings
Neck Piercing- - .HoD. - TV Piercing 8 Prt. 2 - Silver Lining
Earrings- JCNY - ICONOCLAST, Classic Diamond Studs
Tattoo- .:LiQSuM:. "Just Another Sinner
Eyes- Ephemeral Neko   - Ephemeral Neko Eyes - Blue Ice
Beard- Kutz- Crazy Freaked

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