Sunday, May 6, 2012

Call of Duty- Guest Poet Post

Looking Mass Chill -  The Guns from Brutal Weapons are Sweet- Gotta Love When a Female is Packing- 

Keep It Real-
Thug Po3t 

Photo- Vix Mcmahn (Vix Miggins) 
Model- Vix

Pants-  Ronsem cargo 11/ black (female)
Bikini top-  ::TOXIC KITTY:: - skulls bikini top
Boots-  *BC322 Work Boots Dr.Murders 
Hair-  Clawtooth: Could I Resist? (Silent Movie Star Pack) 
Helmet- eye patch- and collar : Maus <--MARKETPLACE! 
Piercing-  S (and) P - Dangerous Piercing
Rings- Killa Designz & J*C  - beez in the trap :by Johnny Capone
Bracelet-  edge grafica 37 -bracelet-hand (BK2+W) MARKETPLACE!
Guns-  :::Brutal Weapons::: Desert_Eagle_(turned hello kitty pink \o/)
Watch-  Laqroki  ~ Energy "Silver White" 
Nails-  MANDALA Milky Nails/GAGA Black

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