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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Boy

Our Crazy Son - Sleepy Bozer- kicking out his Mad Style-  Make sure you get to his store and check out his Tattoo Skills-

Keep it Real-
Thug Po3t

Photos- Kilee Kriewer-Kharg

Pants - AMERIE M - Mesh Skinny pants_Khaki
Ears - AITUI [MESH] - Stretched Ears - Solid Plugs
Shoes - -Entente- L'Equipe Kicks - Texture Pack - Laces I
Belt - <kal rau> comes with purchase of Baggy Jeans_Mesh
Tattoo - Sleepy Bozer - Shibby(custom)
Bag - [Bastard] (located at THE MENS DEPT)
Facial Hair - VCD - Express Yourself Facial Hair - Style 11
Sweater - Armani.Co - X: Pink Dolphin Crew Nevk Portrait 2 Navy [Pack]
Wallet - .Lowlifes. - Skate Wallet Belt - Open Pack
Hat - Custom made for Taylor and unavailable

Thursday, May 24, 2012

All Good

Dropped in Elygo- has some good Urban Street Wear- Yo Check it out..

Keep it Real-
Thug Po3t

On Thug-

Pants- {Elygo}  Denim White - Mesh!!
Shirt - <kal rau>  Plaid Shirt M3_Mesh_NO Tee New!!
Shoes- {Elygo} Supra_Sneakers
Hair-   KUTZ - Chris Brown Blonde
Tattoo- ..:F&Gz:..chris brown tattoos [fresh] New!!
Necklace-  JOMO  Tibetan jewelry 05A
Bracelets-  MANDALA - SINRA bracelet/men/SAMURAI BLACK
Ring-  MANDALA  mens SINRA Rings/samurai black
Piercing-  .Pekka.  Armor Piercing
Earrings- JCNY - ICONOCLAST, Classic Diamond Stud Earrings
Eyes- Right-Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye Mesh!!
Eyes- Left-  Mayfly  - Deep Sky Mesh Eye -Spring Field Mesh!!
Beard-  . : VyC : .   Highway
Gun-  *BREACH*  MAC-10 Gun Left
Gloves- [Sassy Kitty Designs] Leather Gloves Grey

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Kal rau Mesh Is Fresh- It's a Must check it out! Just released Mesh!! Skinny Jeans Also-

Keep it Real-
Thug Po3t

Photo-Vix Mcmahn (Vix Miggins) 

On Thug:

Shirt- <kal rau> Casual Blazer M2_Mesh +Tee  NEW!
Pants- <kal rau> Dark Jeans M2_Mesh  NEW!
Shoes- [ h ] Patagonia - Men - Gritty Black - Short
Belt- *BLITZED* Classic Belt v.2 - Old leather NEW!!
Choker- *BLITZED* Legacy Choker
Necklace- JOMO Sexy men necklace
Rings- MANDALA mens SINRA Rings/samurai black
Piercing- .Pekka. Armor Piercing
Hair - *SH* Bou Hair (Soil)
Hair Base- *SH* Hair base(soil)
Beard- . : VyC : . Highway
Tattoo-..:F&Gz:.. Wise Owl tattoos [faded] NEW!!
Bracelets- :Fusion: belt chain bracelets
Eyes- Mayfly (Desert Dawn Shadow) Left
Eyes- Mayfly (London Fog) Right

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


.: VyC :. has released his new Raven Skin Line-  
The Detail is Mad Chill- and his Beards- Make-up and
Add On's  are off the Chain- Some of the best Beards I have seen In World...
Take the Ride to his store and Check it Out!

Keep It Real-
Thug Po3t

Top Row - Left to Right- 
1- Milk
Rap Industry \ beard

2- Caramel
3 Days \ beard

3- Light Ebony
 Highway \ beard

4 - Medium Ebony
 The Run \ makeup
 RnB \ beard

Bottom Row- Left to Right 
5- Ebony
 The End \ makeup

6 - Coffea
 Tribe \ makeup

7- Golden Dark
 Body Hair

8 - Dark Chocolate
Curt \ beard

Friday, May 11, 2012

Killing Time

-Kapone- has got some Bad Ass Mesh Sweat Pants- Also Urban Bomb Unit has got some Chill Shoes-
Make sure to check out VyC- Killer skins with some Sweet Beards-  Get to Spending that Ching-

Keep it Real-
Thug Po3t

Photo-Vix Mcmahn (Vix Miggins) 

On Thug:

Shirt- DeeTaleZ- White Tanktop
Pants- Kapone - MESH Jogging Red
Shoes- UBU Drunk- Urban Bomb Unit
Tattoo- [Sleepy Bozer] Wine Riot
Tear Tattoo- . : VyC : . Tears
Piercing- .Pekka. Armor Piercing
Hair- R E M O R S E - Mohawk Fade
Eyes- Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye - Mesh!!
Necklace 1- +:+WTG+:+ **Nexus**
Necklace 2- 2LAG: JESUS CHAIN
Cuff- {D.A} Leather'n Studs Cuffs (Left)
Cuff - :Fusion: belt chain bracelet (R)
Plugs- [GLUE INK]~Sculpted Metalic Ear Plugs

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Sleepy Bozer!

Sleepy Bozer - Newest Tats - ( Shibby ) and (Color Chaos) Get to his Store and check it out! 
Time to get Tatted Up -And this Boy has got some of the Sickest Tats! - Mad Skills ..  

Top Photo: Kilee Kriewer- Kharg 
Bottom Photo: Vix McMahn (Vix Miggins)

Keep It Real- 
Thug Po3t 

Monday, May 7, 2012


TonkTastic- Has Got Some Bad Ass Paratrooper Pants out- D&C.. The Tanks are Chill- A Big Shout Out- Kutz- You have got the Baddest Hair Bases ! 

Keep it Real- 
Thug Po3t 

Photo-Vix Mcmahn (Vix Miggins) 

On Thug- 
Shirt- .: D&C :. Ribbed Tank Top Grey -  Asshole
Pants- TonkTastic - Paratrooper Fatigues (Black) New!
Boots- TonkTastic - Long Combat Boots
Ear Gauge- - .HoD. - Downward Spiral Gauge
Facial Piercing- - .HoD. - TV Piercing 4 - Silver Lining
Hand Bracelet- - .HoD. - Fallen v2 Bracelet
Necklace- (NS) Rock'n'Rolla Chain
Cuffs- {D.A} Leather 'n Studs Cuffs
Hair Base- KUTZ Soulja Boy Juice
Eyes- Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Spring Field)
Nails- SiniStyle Faded Black Nails
Tattoo- ..:F&Gz:.. M.O.E Tattoo MarketPlace
Gun- *BREACH* Eightball Gun Left Hand

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Call of Duty- Guest Poet Post

Looking Mass Chill -  The Guns from Brutal Weapons are Sweet- Gotta Love When a Female is Packing- 

Keep It Real-
Thug Po3t 

Photo- Vix Mcmahn (Vix Miggins) 
Model- Vix

Pants-  Ronsem cargo 11/ black (female)
Bikini top-  ::TOXIC KITTY:: - skulls bikini top
Boots-  *BC322 Work Boots Dr.Murders 
Hair-  Clawtooth: Could I Resist? (Silent Movie Star Pack) 
Helmet- eye patch- and collar : Maus <--MARKETPLACE! 
Piercing-  S (and) P - Dangerous Piercing
Rings- Killa Designz & J*C  - beez in the trap :by Johnny Capone
Bracelet-  edge grafica 37 -bracelet-hand (BK2+W) MARKETPLACE!
Guns-  :::Brutal Weapons::: Desert_Eagle_(turned hello kitty pink \o/)
Watch-  Laqroki  ~ Energy "Silver White" 
Nails-  MANDALA Milky Nails/GAGA Black

Friday, May 4, 2012

Beautiful Monster

- Mandala has pulled  out some hot new Mesh Jewelry , And after Sleepy Bozer dropped this Tat on me - Just had to show it off- Insane Bro... Not to Mention How Sexy Kilee looks- Simple.... but yet, so Hot!

Keep it Real-
Thug Po3t

Photo- Vix Mcmahn (Vix Miggins)

Pose- Captivity Co.-Reckless Desire

On Kilee-

Panties - [Sassy Kitty Designs] Slide 'em off Panties Black
Tattoo - [Sleepy Bozer] Swampmonster  -
Hairbase - booN gathered raised hairbase chocolate
Hair -  booN YNO421 hair chocolate
Eye makeup - - DAMNED -  Tribal Make up
Eyeshadow - KOSH- DARK STYLE EYESHADOW -sorrow-
Nails - Mstyle Long Nails - Elegant
Ring - SteamPunk (Wedding Band) (Platinum)
Earring - [MANDALA] Left ear NOODLE earrings/Hokusai Black- New!! Mesh!!
Earring-  [MANDALA] Right ear NOODLE earrings/Polly white- New!! Mesh!!
Cuffs - ..::DeliciouS::.. Picky
Facial Piercings - .Pekka. Dismisal Piercing - F -
Necklace - [MANDALA]Omochi Necklace/Everest Silver- New!! Mesh!!
Collar - ..::DeliciouS::.. Chic collar V1 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

White Boy

Check Out MayFly -  The Mesh Eyes are Chill- 
Keep it Real- 
Thug Po3t

Photo- Vix Mcmahn (Vix Miggins) <3  

Pose- L@m - I'm a Male Model 4pb

Ring 1 - MANDALA mens SINRA Rings/samurai black
Ring 2 - DDD  SteamPunk (Mens) (Platinum)
Necklace- **JOMO**  Necklace 031
Shirt- **JOMO** Men BX012
Jacket- [Sleepy Eddy] Denim western shirt (Black) 
Pants- KApone dark jean Pozy
Belt-  *BLITZED* Legacy Belt - black
Cuff 1- *BLITZED* Legacy cuff. black - Right 
Cuff 2- ..::DeliciouS::.. Picky Wrist-Left
Hair- -Entente- Thibaut Hair - Brown - Dark Brown
Hair Base- -Entente- Hairbase - Brown - Dark Brown
Piercing- .Pekka. Armor Piercing
Tattoo- [Sleepy Bozer] Wine Riot
Gauges- Cobrahive - Gauged Earrings
Eyes- Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye- R 
Eyes- Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye -Desert Dawn Shadow- L NEW!!
Beard- Kutz- Full beard freaked
Shoes- KApone Chuck Leather

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Vix Miggins
Owner/main blogger
Hellisium Resident
Co - Owner / co blogger


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