Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Climax - Guest Blogger TJay Sitoko

So my dude Korbin asked me to show my style up on his blog..... is TJAY SIT0K0 and we keepin' it thugged OUT...always switchin' my style up...I keep it original, yet I keep it THUG too!! IMA THUG POET performin' some other shit.  Here is ah few pieces I threw together.

Photos by: Shelz Theas
Models: TJay Sitoko & Shelz Theas


Bewitchment *LW-C*  Couple pose
Jacket - +grasp+ - Cargo jacket/Black/mens
Top -  .:Hermony:.    - TankTop/NRD Purple
Belt -  .:Hermony:.   - Rock'n Rolla Belt (black)
Jeans - [Bufu] - Jeans_Mesh_Perfect Nano /White *NEW*
Shoes - Armidi LTD - Checkered 5001 Shoe (Blk/Black)
Glasses - Kari - Poser Specs
Hair -  R E M O R S E  - Mowhawk Fade "with waves" Black
Hair - ::::Fab-U-Lous:::: Chris(Black)
Ear Plugs -  [GLUE INK]  -  ~sculpted ear plugs~ Metallic
Facial Hair   -dDx-  Leonardo- Dark Greys

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