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Monday, April 30, 2012


Part 2- 
Keep it Real-
Thug Po3t-

Photo - Vix Mcmahn (Vix Miggins)

Pose [Captivity Co] Lustful Desires

On Thug Po3t-

Plugs- [GLUE INK]~Sculpted Metalic Ear Plugs
Hair- -Discord- Atlas (Cast Iron)  Thanks You for the gift Discord-
Hair Base- -Discord- Urchin Hairbase - Cast Iron -
Cuffs- *BLITZED* Legacy cuffs black
Rings- MANDALA mens SINRA Rings/samurai black
Necklace- 2LAG: MIXTAPE CHAIN / natural
Tattoo- *V* STORE® The Rock
Shirt- [Atomic] Men's Simple V - Teal
Shoes- [ JP ]:dsg. - HighPads Black
Pants- ➋ +grasp+ Double waist denim shorts/Damaged
Piercing- .Pekka. Armor Piercing
Eyes- Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Pale Paris  Mesh!!
Eye liner- Beard- {D.A}: Beard Unshaved And Shadow

On Kilee-

Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Sybille2 Mesh  Hair -
Necklace -[MANDALA] - Milky Way Bangle/white
Chin Plugs - .Pekka. - UnderLip Plugs
Bracelets - [MANDALA] - Milky Way Bangle/white
Tattoo - [Sleepy Bozer] Love Kills Slowly (Color) 3
Nails - [MANDALA] - NAIL PALETTE1 medium
Eyeshadow - KOSH- DARK STYLE EYESHADOW -dried blood-
Eyes - LAQ ~ Dazzling Sunrise Eyes
Lipgloss - {D.A} Lipgloss & Eyeshadow
Shoes - Debrah's - "Jinny" Extreme H.Heels - Shiny Pink  Marketplace!
Lingerie - :STICKY FINGERS: My pink Va-Va-Voom underwear set

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Keep It Real-
Thug Po3t

On Thug Po3t-

Cuff 1- *BLITZED* Brutal Cuffs - Old leather grey
Nails / Rings- +:+WTG+:+ **C+@**
Neckalce 1- +:+WTG+:+ **Nexus** necklace  NEW!!
Necklace 2- JOMO Sexy men necklace
Hair- -dDx- Atlas (Brunette)  MESH! 
Hair base- -dDx- Urchin
Hairbase -dDx- - Brunette
Tattoo- -ZR- Bang Bang
Pants-  not so bad . VINCE jeans . Dark  MESH!
Shirt - .:Hermony:. / Muted! / TankTop
Face Piercing- .Pekka.  Armor Piercing
Bracelet- :Fusion: belt chain bracelet
Boots- [ h ] Patagonia - Men - Gritty Black - Short   NEW!!
Earrings- BodyFire - Circular Barbel
Beard- Remorse - Full Beard "V1" Brown
Eyes- Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Pale Paris)
Nails- SiniStyle Faded Black Nails  NEW!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tatted Out


Sleepy Bozers' New Tat! You were right it's Ridiculous Bro! Thanks Man-
Get to his Shop and Check it out- He has Mad Skills!

Keep It Real-
Thug Po3t

Photo - Vix Mcmahn (Vix Miggins)

On Thug Po3t-

Tattoo- [Sleepy Bozer] Midnight Moon NEW!!
Bracelets'- [MANDALA]  SINRA bracelet/men/SAMURAI BLACK
Earrings-  [MANDALA] SINRA - Black
Necklace- [MANDALA]KAGETORA necklace/BLACK
Cigg- (NS) Cigg- Black
Eye Liner and Beard- - DAMNED - Beard Style1 / EyeLiner
Hair- KUTZ- Wave 12 fade
Piercing- .Pekka. Armor Piercing -
Right Eye- Mayfly - Deep Sky MESH Eye (Spring Field) NEW!
Left Eye- Mayfly - Deep Sky MESH Eye (Spring Teal)  NEW!!
Pants-  BALKANIK2.0®-- Black Sweatpants Short-style Blkprod
Nails- SiniStyle Taped Fingers & Black Nails New!!
Shoe- Right Foot- [ JP ]:dsg. - HighPads R / black
Shoe- Left Foot- [ JP ]:dsg. - HighPads L / white

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Friends- Guest Thug Post

Photo By- Ζ€Ζ²Ζ¦Π„ Π„Ζ”Ζ–ΤΌ (marita.karu)
Check this Girls Blog.... She is Bad Ass-
Thanks for Letting me Post This-  M & M  <-- Check out Pure Evils Talent Here-- and she is not about the Pretty Look-
She Has Got Mad Style!

Keep It Real-
Thug Po3t

On Thug Po3t-
Hair- R E M O R S E - Mohawk Fade "W/Facial" Brown
Tattoo- BALKANIK2.0®-Integral Hypnotizer Tattoo- Clean Face
Ear Plugs- [GLUE INK]~Sculpted Metalic Ear Plugs
Bandana- Razorpill ~ Bandana Black   Marketplace
Necklace- JOMO Sexy men necklace A
Cuffs- *BLITZED* Legacy cuffs
Gloves- TonkTastic - Fingerless Gloves
Rings- MANDALA mens SINRA Rings/samurai black
Guns  *BREACH* Eightball Guns-
Pants- AMERIE  - Cargo pants (Black)
Boots- TonkTastic - Long Combat Boots

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fantasy -Guest Poet Post-

- Hot Picture and another great Pose by Captivity Co..
Vix,  Amazing Work Once Again ..

Keep It Real-

Pose- [Captivity Co.] Can't Control

Photo- Vix Mcmahn (Vix Miggins)
Sexy Ladies-
Vix -Left-
Siren Luminos-

Friday, April 20, 2012

My Playground

Just chillin' on my urban playground today.  Excited about the new releases from Puncture, Truth, and NotsoBad. I had the privilege of meeting the creator of my tattoo, Jared Spearsong tonight.  He's so amazingly friendly and talented.  He dropped a new release on me that I can't wait to blog next! Mad props to my hubby Korbin for bringing some of these talented creators to my attention.
~ Kilee

Photo - Shelz Theas -

- On Kilee -

Hair - >TRUTH< - Lori (Mesh) espresso  NEW!
Skin - Al Vulo! - matilde*red2 cleavage cacoa
Earrings - The P!nk Bandaid (located inside <-Puncture->) - "TP!B" 2020 Earrings
Eyeshadow - KOSH - dark style eyeshadow - dried blood
Eyelashes - KOSH - no alpha lashes v5
Eyes - LAQ - Dazzling Sunrise Eyes
Lipgloss -  {D.A}  - Lipgloss Pack
Lip piercing -  {D.A}  - Silence Piercing
Top - !SOURIRES - Hanky Top - Cyan
Tattoo - .:SS:. - Private Room Event - Love Writtings 2 Tattoo (Thanks Jared for your new release gift!)
Underlip Plugs -  .Pekka.  - UnderLip Plugs UNISEX
Hip Piercings - <-Puncture-> - Dermal Spike Implants  NEW!
Armband -  <-Puncture->  - Gemstone Studded Armband
Jeans - NOT so BAD - MUNGO jeans - stone (mesh)   NEW!
Belt -  NOT so BAD  - MUNGO belt   NEW!
Bracelets/Rings/Nails -  The P!nk Bandaid - Pretty Prickles Set- Located inside Puncture-
Sneakers -  [ h ]  - Samoa - Black/White
Necklace - ~Pepper~ Private Room Event - Keychain Pencil

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hard Day

Keep it Real-

On Thug.Po3t- 

Pose- [Captivity Co.] Heavy Load
Shirt-   **JOMO** Men Shirt 001
Pants- [NV] BAGGY 0.0 Black
Boxers- VITAMEN "MosaicLongBoxers
Shoes- Redgrave- Survivor-Boots Cotton-Camel
Face Stripes- *X*plosion FaceTattoo Stripes (black)
Eyes- [LeLutka]-Reflections-Loss-Eyes
Hair- -dDx- Celene (Black)
Hair Base- -dDx- Turtle Base - Black
Tattoo 1 - [GLUE INK] *~Only God Can Judge~*
Tattoo 2- -ZR- Asshole 2
Ring- DDD- SteamPunk (Mens) (Platinum)
Beard- KUTZ-  Full beard freaked
Earrings- [MANDALA] SINRA Piercing//Black
Facial Piercing- .Pekka. Armor Piercing
Bracelet - :Fusion: belt chain bracelet
Necklace- JOMO Sexy men necklace
Nails- SiniStyle Faded Black Nails (Thumb,Index,Ring) NEW!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


This is just --The Beginning ----- Stay Posted---- Another Bad A$$ Tattoo from Sleepy Bozer-
Keep it Real-

Pose- Captivity Co.- Shush-- 

On- Thug.Po3t-

Necklace 1- *[MANDALA] SHAKA  Necklace/Silver
Pants-URBATIK  Kapone MESH jogging Tsaori
Necklace 2-  .HoD. - Fallen v2 Necklace
Plugs- [GLUE INK]~Sculpted Metalic Ear Plugs
Nails- FuSiniStyle Faded Black Nails  NEW!
Beard- KUTZ - Full beard freaked
Bracelet 1- :Fusion: belt chain bracelet
Tattoo- [Sleepy Bozer]  -  Yummy Vine Tattoo
Shoes- [ h ] Patagonia - Men - Burnt Orange
Hair-  KUTZ  - REMORSE Mohawk Fade "W/Facial" Brown
Ring- DDD- SteamPunk (Mens) (Platinum)
Piercing- .Pekka. Corrupted Piercing
Eyes- pc eyes by  LL - gold flakes - moonstone
Cuff- {D.A} Leather 'n Studs Cuffs

On- Kilee-

Bracelets -  *League* - Wanderer - Black
Necklace 1 -  *League*  - Wanderer 4 discs - Black
Necklace 2 - Ducknipple:. - Barbie
Nails - ...::: Scrub :::... Zip Nails
Lingerie - The Bishes Inc. - Angel Black
Tattoos -  .:VS:.  - Wildside 2  NEW!
Eyelashes 1 - [ glow ] studio - Touched - Arranged
Eyelashes 2 - KOSH - NO ALPHA LASHES V5
Face Piercings -  [-iPoke-]  - Sense
Collar -  ..::DeliciouS::..  - Chic collar
Earrings - RYCA - PID-HOOP Platinum
Shoes - N-core - POISON "Noir Intense"
Hair - Analog Dog - Tangled (Thank you Queue Marlowe, Kilee loves you.)

Friday, April 13, 2012


Once Again Showing off one of the Hot Poses Captivity Co. has-- Not to mention the Girl----
Very Hot.. Amazing work Siren- Thank You for letting us show you off-
Keep it Real-

Model Siren Luminos-
Photo- Siren Luminos

Pose- [Captivity Co.] Poses - Chains
Hair- : ^;^CaTwA^;^ TNT HairStyle/Dark Reds
Outfit- : Graves - Mirage
Pasties: ::::IrEn::::  Plasteer
Gloves: SiniStyle - Taped Fist
Shoes: Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Black
Piercings: - .HoD. - Sideswept Piercing
Ears: :[P]:- Arkenea Ears-Dragoon
Nails: ...::: Scrub :::...  Spyked Black Nails

Sometimes when I close my eyes
Your face is all I see…
I feel the chains wrap tighter
And I long to be set free
But in your eyes I see a fire
The flames enticing me…
To be wrapped in your chains again
And  never to be free….
Inside your chains of darkness
It settles in my soul…
I hear my screams of freedom
And the laughter you behold…
I’m stuck in side this darkness
Forever in this pain….
Cause when I look into your eyes
I know that I am CHAINED…..

Writing by- alexandra1.bailey

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Climax - Guest Blogger TJay Sitoko

So my dude Korbin asked me to show my style up on his blog..... is TJAY SIT0K0 and we keepin' it thugged OUT...always switchin' my style up...I keep it original, yet I keep it THUG too!! IMA THUG POET performin' some other shit.  Here is ah few pieces I threw together.

Photos by: Shelz Theas
Models: TJay Sitoko & Shelz Theas


Bewitchment *LW-C*  Couple pose
Jacket - +grasp+ - Cargo jacket/Black/mens
Top -  .:Hermony:.    - TankTop/NRD Purple
Belt -  .:Hermony:.   - Rock'n Rolla Belt (black)
Jeans - [Bufu] - Jeans_Mesh_Perfect Nano /White *NEW*
Shoes - Armidi LTD - Checkered 5001 Shoe (Blk/Black)
Glasses - Kari - Poser Specs
Hair -  R E M O R S E  - Mowhawk Fade "with waves" Black
Hair - ::::Fab-U-Lous:::: Chris(Black)
Ear Plugs -  [GLUE INK]  -  ~sculpted ear plugs~ Metallic
Facial Hair   -dDx-  Leonardo- Dark Greys

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Chilllen For Reasons... The new Tat from Sleepy Boozer is off the Chain - Check it Out!! 

Keep it Real-
Thug Po3t-

Cuff 1- *BLITZED* Legacy cuff. black - Right
Bracelet- - .HoD. - Fallen v2 Bracelet  (right)
Tattoo 1- [Sleepy Bozer] Wine Riot - NEW!
Tattoo 2- (lower) SOURIRES - Dado - TATTOO
Eye Liner- Beard - - DAMNED - Beard Style1 / EyeLiner
Pants- -K!NG- Street Style Jeans New!
Earings-GLARE-  Platinum Male Gem Stud 2  - Market Place-
Hair- Aibeat *Nes* black  -New!
Eyes- pc eyes by LL - gold flakes - moonstone
Guns- *BREACH* Eightball
Sunglasses- Armidi Limited - Machimo Sunglasses
Necklace- [MANDALA]- KARMA Necklace/Shepherd  SILVER
Shoes- [ h ] Wallabees - Men - Black
Piercing- .Pekka.Corrupted Piercing
Ring- DDD  SteamPunk (Mens) (Platinum) -Market Place-

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thug Po3try Guest Bloggers - Vix & Siren

Decided to Feature Thug.Po3try Guest Blog -1-- Which will be happening a lot .. So tune in - A big Shout out to Vix and Siren.. Great Work Ladies...  Simply Hot-- 
Thug Poet- Keep it real....
Models - Vix Miggins and Siren Luminos
Photos by Vix Miggins

On Vix (left):
Top - .::[NerdMonkey]::. - R!ch B!tch White Top
Mesh Leggings - Maitreya - Pearl
Eyes - .ID. - Shine v2/Blue-Green
Ears - AITUI - (Type 2) Stretched Ears [Human, 1"]
Gag -  [GLUE INK] - Shush Gag
Skin - al vulo! - Chantal red 2 claveage bronze
Facial Piercings - :Hebenon Vial: - Beast
Ring & Nails -  [MANDALA]  - Milky Way Ring & Nails/gaga black
Necklace 1 - (Dahlinks) - Diamonds & Pearls Single Strand Necklace V
Necklace 2 - *CentoPallini* - Silver Long Necklace Single
Hair - [YunA's HAIR] - Marie BLACKPACK
Makeup - Pink Acid - Punk Princess Eyeliner, Eyelashes & Dimple Piercings

On Siren (right):

Top - <Toxic Bish> - Muse Top (black)
Mesh Leggings - Maitreya - Black
Hair -  .ploom. - Mile High Pony - Reds 2
Hairbase - Amacci - Hairbase Tattos 2 Warm Red
Tattoos - [Sleepy Bozer] - Devil Wears Prada
Skin - *YS&YS* - Cara Pale 07
Teeth -  [label mode] - Hamby Teeth
Eyes -  Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Money Dawn)
Eye Makeup - LAQ - Eye makeups Set 01
Dimples - ~Kennedy's~ - Dimples WCF
Ring & Nails - +ROZOREGALIA+ - *Gemma*Ring&Nail
Nails-...::: Scrub :::... - Spyked Multicolor Nails
 Ring-   (Yummy) - Relativity Ring
Belt -  ...::: Scrub :::... - Rosary Belt Vendor
Eyebrow piercing - <-Puncture-> - Anti-Eyebrow (Gemstone) All Colors
Chin piercing -  <-Puncture-> - Double Snakebites (Beads & Gemstones) All Colors
Nostril piercing -  <-Puncture-> - Nostril Piercing (Gemstone) All Colors

The Po3ts

Vix Miggins
Owner/main blogger
Hellisium Resident
Co - Owner / co blogger


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