Sunday, March 25, 2012


Was out and about with Milk Chan,  looking for Trouble- Found some Bad A$$ Guns at Breach.. lol- as I found some great gear at Tonktastic-  You should Def check it out!!  want to give a Big Shout out to Shelz for the awesome Blog Logo - Points up!!!! Decided to add a little something for the girls this time.
- Have Fun - 

On Him:

Neck tattoo *[VF]* F**kYou Tattoo Neck- MarketPlace
Beard- - DAMNED - Beard Style1 / DarkCircles
Gun- *BREACH*  - MAC-10 Gun
Holster- *BREACH* - MAC-10 Holster
Toothpick- [CALYPSO GIANO] (Can't find Lm- or Store..=/)  Toothpick
Boots- TonkTastic  - Long Combat Boots
Pants- TonkTastic - Paratrooper Fatigues
Gloves- TonkTastic - Fingerless Gloves
Tattoo- Balkanik - Integral Hypnotizer Tatoo
Cuffs- *BLITZED* Legacy cuffs. Nails- SiniStyle -  Taped Fist & Black Nails
Necklace 1-  **JOMO**  -  Necklace 021
Neckalce 2- [MANDALA] - KARMA Necklace/Shepherd  SILVER
Hair- -dDx- Lotta (Brunette)
Hair Base- -dDx- - Lotta (Brunette)
Piercing-  .Pekka. - Terminal Piercing
Plugs- [GLUE INK] - Sculpted Metalic Ear Plug
Teeth- [label mode] - Teeth perfect
Eyes- pc eyes  by LL - cat - snow cat
Glasses K_gs - Vince 1.00

On Her:

Hair - A&Y - Aeon hair 1 - Blonde
Shirt - BEZ! - Corset-gold (not available for purchase)
Pants - [NV] - Skinny Baggy - Zebra black
Belt -  BLE$$ED - BALMAIN Leather Belt V.2
Shoes - DRD - looseboots - 3R black gambler
Hooded Scarf - Perfect World [*RD*] - *Fuzzy Hooded Scarf-Cheetah*
Nails - Mstyle - Perfect Hand - Longest v1.2
Facial Piercings - (StarPiercing) - New Jersey
Lashes - KOSH - No Alpha Lashes V5
Necklaces - +:+WTG+:+
     1. **Refinement** necklace(ch)
     2 :+*R*+: Preghiera Necklace Gold
     3 :+*R*+: Twinky Necklace Gold 
     1. God's Hands Tattoo
     2. I am the Best Tatto 2
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (DEMO London Fog)
Earrings - Yasyn - Pheasant Feather Earring - L (scripted size+texture)

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