Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Balls In Your Court

So like bounced around from store to store in the mood for Mesh shorts ( Mesh is the Sh!t) ... And Seriously People if you can not see Mesh- Update Your Damn Viewer- :D Found some shorts I likes from Balk- Bounced into Ronsem and noticed they had some cool Mesh shorts as well..  Looks like Im going to have a Saggy Crotch without the Gaps.. Haha.. Get that Mesh People..  .  and who said MC Hammer Pants would not jump back..? ...
-Thug Poet

-Outfit and Then Some-

Cig- (NS) Cigg- Black animation
Necklace 1-  **JOMO**  Necklace 021
Belt-  *BLITZED*  Legacy Belt - black - male
Cuffs-  *BLITZED*  Legacy cuffs. black
Necklace 2- - .HoD. - Fallen v2 Necklace (Male)
Beard- -  DAMNED  - Beard Style1 / EyeLiner
Hair and Base- -dDx- Lotta (Brunette)
Piercing-  .Pekka.  Terminal Piercing - M
Shoes-  [ JP ] :dsg. - HighPads ( Alternate Colors) Mix and Match
Plugs-  [GLUE INK] ~Sculpted Metalic Ear Plug
Goggles-  K_gs  Vince/Neck 1.00
Pants- Balkanik - MALEBAGGY_SHORT_SIZE WhiteJeans STD  *NEW*
Gloves- TonkTastic - Fingerless Gloves; Style B
Nails-  SiniStyle  Taped Fist & Black Nails
Teeth- [label mode] Teeth perfect
Tatoo - Balkanik - ntegral Hypnotizer Tatoo-CLEAN FACE *NEW*
Basketball - [_INTOUCHABLE_] Pink

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